Welcome to the Library

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Important Updates

June 28. 2021
Good new everyone! As of July 1st, 2021 all three library branch’s will be back open to regular hours.  Due to Thursday being a holiday the Main Branch will be open Saturday 9am-1pm, Kitley Branch will open Monday 1pm-6pm, and the Lyn Branch will open Friday  1pm-5pm.
We will still have a limited number of patrons allowed in the library at a time.  Please follow the instructions that we have posted in each library.
We are very excited to see everyone again. See you all soon!

COVID-19 Update
Hello everyone! I am please to announce that all Elizabethtown-Kitley library’s are now open. If you are hoping to use the library, there are some procedure’s that need to be followed. Please read below for these procedure’s.  

Library Procedure for Patrons using the Library

All Patrons must wear face covering masks
All Patrons must sign in – Print Name & Phone Number
All Patrons must use Hand Sanitizer
All Patrons must Social Distance while in the Library


Books to be returned are to be left at window of the desk


Patrons picking out new books to borrow:
1. Only touch the books you want
2. If a book is touched and not required, that book MUST be placed in the box at the end of the shelving unit.


Patrons checking out books must hand each book through the window of the desk to the librarian
Librarian will process and return books to Patron

Elizabethtown-Kitley Township Public Libraries

If you live in the Elizabethtown-Kitley Township and want to go to a llibrary, but not sure where to go, we have three branch’s to choose from. Below are our times for each library. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call. Let us help you in any way we can.

Main Branch


Mon- 9am-12pm
Tue-   Closed       
Wed-  4pm-8pm  
Thu-   9am-12pm
Fri-     Closed       
Sat-    9am-1pm    
Sun-   Closed         

Lyn Branch


Mon-  Closed    
Tue-   12pm-6pm
 Wed-  Closed       
 Thu-    Closed      
Fri-     1pm-5pm
       Sat-    Closed             
      Sun-   Closed            

Kitley Branch


Mon- 1pm-6pm    
  Tue-   Closed            
Wed- Closed           
        Thu-  1:30pm-6:30pm   
    Fri-   Closed             
   Sat-   Closed             
   Sun-   Closed